Australian Kelpie Temperament and Lifespan

Australian Kelpie is a great shepherd, reliable and faithful friend and guard. The dog is ideal for living in a country house, it likes long walks and an active lifestyle. This breed is not suitable for keeping in a city apartment. Among the character traits that most dog keepers admit: loyalty, stable mind, a tendency to leadership, sensitivity to training, endurance, friendliness, devotion to the master.

Australian Kelpie is very contact, sensitive and intelligent dog. They are trained well, get along with children and do not conflict with other pets. Kelpies suit people living in rural areas. In close city flat freedom-loving Australians will feel depressed. The dogs' lifespan is about 11-15 years.

How Much Does an Australian Kelpie Cost and Price Range

The price for an Australian Kelpie varies from $200 to $1000. Everything depends on the dog quality. The female dogs cost more because of their ability to breed.

Choose the pet quality dog if you want to spend less money and buy the breed or show quality dog if you are going to use these characteristics.

Australian Kelpie Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The appearance depends on the type of the dog. The working Kelpies are used solely for work, so that it is often very different from each other. For the most part they look like simple, mongrel dogs, some like dingoes. Although they may be of different heights, the majority of males reach 55 cm at the withers, 50 cm- females. The weight ranges from 14 to 20 kg.

Wool can be both long and short, to be a double and a single. They are usually one-color, but can range from cream to black, with all the transitions between colors. With regard to marks and stains, the most common are white and fawn.

Unlike its brothers, show quality dogs tend to be smaller: males 46-51 cm, females 43-48 cm, the weight is 11-20 kg, females are slightly lighter. Although they are bred for being kept as home pets, most of them are shepherds which are still muscular and athletic.

Australian Kelpie Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Australian Kelpie dog is a tireless worker. They were bred as the herding dogs, and possess all the characteristics required for this breed. Thousands of Australian and American ranchers say that these dogs are an important part of their work. Although the show Kelpie is slightly less energetic than their working brothers, the difference is noticeable only for the farmer. They are committed to and form relationships with the host that last a lifetime. Some of them love only theit owner, others admire all members of the family.